Collect Feedbacks Easily

Your employees can share their demands, wishes and suggestions with their companies and create value.

Adjustable Forms

You can customize the categories and form fields of the requests you want to collect according to your company's needs.

Create all desired fields

Anonymous request submission permissions

Customization of all categories

Easy category-based management

All sent requests and suggestions can be easily followed by separating them according to their categories.

Each category can have its own workflow

"Add photo" feature

Ability to accept anonymous requests

Responsible assignment and follow-up

You can provide full follow-up by creating a responsible pool for each demand category.

Transfer of responsibilities

Updating the status of the request, tracking the employee

Resolution and response to employee

Intelligent analytics and reports with AI

All collected requests are filtered and analyzed and transformed into meaningful results for your company.

Identifying the prominent topics and measuring them in the timeline

Employee, department, location based analyzes

Mood metrics with AI

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