Take your employees' experience to the next level!

A SuperApp for Corporate Companies

Memotive digitizes the touch points that affect the loyalty and motivation of all your employees, facilitates communication and feedback, and strengthens your ties. Because we know that happier employees mean lower turnover rates, a more peaceful, safe and pleasant communication and work environment!

Increase Your Efficiency

Digitize your manual processes, turn excel and paper into data and a better experience for your employees.

Shuttle Management

Move your records to maps, make automatic route planning in minutes.

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Work/Shift Planning

Let your employees easily schedule their own and their team's flexible or shift work.

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Digital Gift Cards

Distribute your benefits, supplies, gift certificates via the mobile application without the need for physical distribution.

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Strengthen Communication

Access all employees in your company via the mobile application, increase sharing and communication.

In-company Announcements

All the announcements you want to convey are now instantly in the pockets of your employees.

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Push Notifications

Quickly send notifications to all your employees or to a specific group.

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Automatically share the birthdays of your employees and the announcements of your newly hired employees.

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News from Employees

Share special announcements about your employees such as birth, career, urgent blood donation needs.

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Create a Culture of Feedback

Let your employees make their voices heard through the mobile application. Streamline your analysis with the help of artificial intelligence.

Request and Suggestion System

With a single form, requests, wishes and suggestions reach you, and the employee can follow the process transparently.

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Survey Management

Take the pulse of your employees, whether you use the customized survey libraries or the special survey libraries offered by Memotive.

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Because everything is thought for the happiness of your company and your employees!


Thanks to the easy interfaces, all your employees can use it easily.

Access Anywhere

You can connect to your management panel, which works in the cloud environment, from home or from the phone, all you need is the internet.

Easy Installation

In the installation, all your data is transferred quickly with automatic integrations, your employees download the application with one click and start using it.

Single Application

You do not have to make your employees use separate applications for shuttles, requests, shift, communication.

Save Money

You have no installation costs, pay monthly according to the number of your employees, do not fall under large costs.

Modular Structure

You can choose and use the module and features you want according to your company's needs.

Access Easily

Whether you use it as a cloud or on-premise, let's install it on your in-house systems. Access from anywhere, from home or mobile. Let's keep all your employee information up to date with ERP integrations.

Happy Corporates

Employees of companies using Memotive are now more motivated and happier!

Miraç Polatlı

Human Resources Manager at Yeşilova Holding

“For us, the satisfaction and commitment of our employees is very important, and we are happy to solve many of our employees' needs on mobile with Memo. Now, our processes are much more efficient with digital and automated processes.”

Özlem Akkoç

Human Resources Manager at Farplas

“Since we used Memotive at Farplas, our communication with our employees has become easier. We can share all our announcements and news to all our employees, including the blue collar. Now we have our transportation costs under control, we manage and control them more easily.”

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