Increase In-company Sharing

You can easily reach all your employees without separating white and blue collars.

Birthday celebrations

All your employees' birthdays are automatically celebrated daily.

All employees in one list

Display of upcoming birthdays

Special notifications

"Welcome" celebrations

The start dates of your newly recruited employees are automatically celebrated when they are entered into the system.

All new recruits in one list

Special notifications

General company announcements

You can share general announcements about your company with all your employees.

Ability to customize the employees to be sent

Announce company events and display on calendar

Communication with instant notification

News from employees

You can share news and announcements specific to individual employees in a separate area.

Maternity leave, baby news

Urgent blood donation needs

Career news, death announcements

Send push notification

You can send instant notifications to a single person, a group, or an entire company.

Customizable receivers

The savior in emergency or breaking news

The fastest and easiest access to employees

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