Easily Manage Company Shuttles

Shuttles are automatically scheduled according to the working hours of your employees, and changes are easily managed.

Digitalization of all routes

All your routes and stops are digitized with licensed maps.

The length of each route with stops

Marked locations of stops on the map

Stops of all registered employees with their walking distances

Weekly route planning

Your routes are automatically planned according to shifts and flexible working hours.

Make the whole plan in minutes

Coordination with shuttle company

Shift-based planning, editing

Weekly changes

Shuttle planning of all shifts and overtime changes on weekdays is managed automatically.

Automatic shuttle scheduling when working hours change

Declaring attending/not attending to the shuttle or work

Instant information flow to employee mobile application

Guest shuttle reservation

It provides convenience for employees who want to travel with other vehicle on a daily basis other than their regular shuttle.

Display of availability of vehicles

Reservation of desired time and route

Reservation confirmation option by company

Smart route assistant

The most suitable shuttle for your employees can be found easily with just the address.

List of nearest stops and routes

Track the walking distance and path on the map

One-click registration to the relevant shuttle

QR Reading

The actual usage rates of the services can be found with the QR scanning infrastructure.

Clear information of who boarded which vehicle and when

QR system specific to each vehicle

Confirmation of the shuttle record used by the employees

Smart Reports

All analyzes and reports about usage of the shuttles are accessible.

Occupancy and usage rates

Employee-based shuttle usage habits

Shift counts-shuttle usage comparison analyzes

Interim payment and abstract analyzes

Financial reports of all your journeys are calculated automatically.

Calculation logic setup specific to your company

Daily updated reports

Easy to make changes and additions

Document management

The legal documents of all your vehicles and drivers are automatically tracked, and your employees travel safely.

Time tracking and reminders

Reporting of nonconformities

Separate tracking of driver and vehicle documents

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